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Top 3 Most Iconic Sunrise Locations in the Newcastle area

There’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise with the sound of the ocean, a cool breeze and some colour lighting up the sky.

Newcastle has so many great spots to watch the sunrise, and as a landscape photographer I’ve been to them all many, many times in the last 7 years. The challenge is finding a new way to shoot the same spots again and again!

1. Merewether Beach & Ocean Baths

Possibly the most photographed location in Newcastle, these are the largest ocean baths in the Southern Hemisphere.

As well as the baths being the perfect spot to cool off in summer or get your laps in over winter, they also provide endless opportunity for photography compositions. On a weekend morning you're bound to run into a number of other photographers at sunrise trying to capture the perfect shot.

2. Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach and its historic shark tower are a popular spot for swimmers, surfers and photographers! The vantage point on the cliff above offers a view of the nine mile stretch of beach with Redhead Surf Lifesaving Club at one end, and Blacksmiths Breakwater at the other.

The Redhead shark look-out tower was built in the 1930's and is thought to be the only remaining purpose built structure on the eastern Australian coast.

3. Nobbys Beach & Breakwall

Are you even a Novocastrian if you've never walked Nobbys Breakwall?

Nobbys Lighthouse, established on Nobbys Head in 1854 to guide vessels into the Hunter River, isn't the typical lighthouse design but remains a unique landmark to photograph. The nearby beach, the harbour, the breakwall and especially the lighthouse itself are some of the most iconic landmarks in Newcastle.

So set your alarm clock, pack your camera and head out nice and early to find your favourite, most inspiring spots to watch the sunrise in Newcastle.

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