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Are you a real estate agent or builder who needs a reliable, consistent photographer who can provide excellent images, accurate floorplans AND video? You're in the right place!


Would you like to increase the occupancy (and income!) of your AirBnB property? High quality photos are key to achieving this, and I'd love to take that task off your hands (You've got enough on your plate, right?)


Running a business can be tough and doing everything alone can be overwhelming. I'm here to make sure your brand gets noticed.


Love seeing the sunrise, but hate setting your alarm? I got you. Plenty of local sunrise prints to choose from to fill your walls so you can see sunrise at any time of day.

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Hi, I’m Britt! I am a slightly over-achieving, problem-solving multi-tasker who happens to have some great photography skills.

My “full-time” work is as a freelance real estate photographer, but a freelance schedule can mean running flat out, to days of “which café should I hang out at today?”


I also work in a graphic design studio and usually have other creative projects on the go. While wearing all these hats and running my life by a calendar with events coded in five different colours may seem chaotic, it’s just how I like it. Like the saying goes, “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.

What else should you know about me?

I love working with brands and small business to make products or services look good online. I can provide everything from photography services to marketing, social media content creation and advice, or graphic design and print knowledge. Prior to my career juggling act, I completed a graphic design diploma and a business degree with a major in marketing, so you know I have the relevant qualifications to support the great images and content I can provide you with.


In between all these jobs, I love exploring my city, trying new cafes and going on adventures out of town with friends. I love travel and landscape photography because it gets me outdoors and enjoying weekends away in new places, or finding a spot where I am the only person around to watch a gorgeous sunrise.

Want to know more? Get in touch


Brittany Millen is a highly experienced, local real estate and landscape photographer whom I have worked with on a number of sales and rental photoshoots. Britt is incredibly trustworthy, reliable, organised and meticulous in her work.

- Caitlin Johns, C21


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