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Investing in Professional Photos for your Holiday Rental

You know that feeling of excitement when you spot the perfect holiday destination?

...And you can feel all the stress falling away as you picture yourself relaxing on the deck with a wine, or curled up with a book in front of a toasty fire, or lazing all day on a nearby beach? That’s the feeling professional photos can help evoke in your potential guests!

If you own AirBnB or holiday rental accommodation you need appealing, professional photos to attract guests. A professional photographer can capture quality images that convey the character and appeal of your property to potential guests and help maximise bookings.

View out window

Would you like to increase the occupancy (and income!) of your AirBnB property?

High quality photos are key to achieving this, and a professional photographer (like me) would love to take that task off your hands (You've got enough on your plate, right?)

Here are some top reasons why you should invest in professional photography:

1. Professional, quality images stand out

Amongst the hundreds or thousands of other listings in your area that a potential guest may consider, superior images of your property will grab their attention first.

2. Experience and knowledge

A professional property photographer is experienced in capturing images of a property that highlight its features and unique appeal, while minimising the visibility of any untidy or less appealing areas.

3. Skills and equipment

It may be necessary to include location shots or drone photography to emphasise the appeal of the location or its proximity to local attractions, and a professional photographer has the skills and equipment needed to achieve this.

4. Evoke an emotional response

Images that evoke an emotional response from a viewer will increase the likelihood that they will book your property. You want potential guests to be able to envision relaxing in your property, picturing themselves enjoying the view, or the cosy fireplace, or the nightlife nearby, and quality images will assist in generating this type of emotional response.

5. Ability to set higher prices

Using professional images adds value to your listing, and allows your potential guests to really see what the property is like and how they will be able to spend their time their. This in turn allows you to set higher nightly rates and increase your income.

Preparing your property for rent can be stressful, but booking a professional photographer to take the listing photos for you is one of the best investments you can make to help your property stand out from the crowd and increase your bookings.


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