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Tiny Away - Hawkesbury Region

Tiny Away is basically my perfect solution for an outdoor adventure. When it came to planning this particular adventure, it was really difficult to choose which Tiny Away location because there are so many cool spots with awesome views and surroundings.

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Tiny Inja 2 is in the Hawkesbury area, and on a property where the family breeds Labradoodles. What more could you ask for a welcoming party? They also had goats, a miniature horse or two, and a handful of other animals that can be seen on neighbouring properties. So it feels like a true country experience. With lots to see on my short visit to the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains area, and limited time to see everything for the day, stopping at The Grumpy Baker at Bilpin for coffee and a pastry treat for breakfast was worth the visit. Then, I headed to Mt Banks Lookout and Picnic area for a view of the Grose Valley before going back to Mount Tomah and Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.

Time passed so fast, as I was wandering the expansive gardens and before long, I was thinking about lunch! Hillbilly Cider has amazing wood-fired pizzas to go with their ciders, served in their sunny dining area overlooking the orchards. Fruit picking at Bilpin Fruit Bowl was next on the agenda, where I wandered in the orchards and picked apples to take home. Last stop for the day was Bilpin Cider, and my day is not complete without cider tasting and eating their hot apple pie there. There, you can find their covered outdoor seating, which is perfect for relaxing with a cider in any weather.

In the two nights that I stayed there, I spent one night relaxing by the campfire and the other night meeting friends at Kurmond Social which was just 5 mins down the road. The pub had great food and atmosphere that we had a great time there. Then, had a tasty breakfast at the Village Kitchen in Kurrajong the next morning.

Tiny Inja 2 is in a great spot to explore the Hawkesbury or venture further into the Blue Mountains and I loved my stay here.

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