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Tiny Away - Moorland

Recently I had a weekend away staying in a "tiny house" not far from Harrington. The tiny house was situated on a farming property where there were various animals, including goats, sheep and donkeys, peering inquisitively over their paddock fence at me. I could also hear the occasional rooster crowing and see chickens wandering the property. During my stay a baby goat was born and I saw it take its first steps on wobbly legs!

Just 15 minutes away were the beachside towns of Harrington and Crowdy Head. The two villages are perfect for fishing, walking the breakwall in the sun or relaxing by the beach or lagoon. I grabbed a coffee from Beach Street Dispensary at Harrington and headed up to the lighthouse at Crowdy Head for some whale spotting.

If you’re the type of person who likes some adventure on your weekend away, the spectacular Ellenborough Falls are 90 minutes away and well worth the drive (and the 641 steps to the base of the falls!) Rawson Falls Walk is another great forest hike about an hour away, but if you’re not keen to venture quite that far Waitui Falls is a great picnic spot only 30 minutes away with a picnic area and waterhole for swimming (just check the road condition updates before you head there in a 2WD).

After a day of adventure, sitting on the deck with a wine, under the stars, listening to the sounds of the animals was quite relaxing and the tiny house had a comfy bed for a good night’s sleep.


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