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Tiny Away: a weekend retreat in nature

Although I am interested in camping, the practical aspects of setting up a tent, waking to find my airbed has sprung a leak overnight, and potentially having to navigate a dimly lit field to reach bathroom facilities dampens my excitement considerably. So Tiny Away is basically my perfect solution for an outdoor adventure.

There has been a surge in the popularity of tiny houses recently and they’re now becoming an attractive and viable option for travel accommodation, especially for the eco-conscious. With tiny houses usually situated in nature, they provide an opportunity to disconnect from day to day life, connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Tiny Away has tiny homes in so many great locations, with awesome views and surroundings, that it makes it difficult deciding where to venture to first.

Tiny house with views over the valley

The tiny house I recently visited was in a gorgeous spot, a short drive outside of Mudgee and overlooking the valley back towards the town. With its own driveway access to the property you feel as if you are miles from anyone, and it’s so peaceful with the sounds of birds and the bush surrounding you. The host, Georgie, was friendly and responsive to any questions I had. Sunset overlooking the valley was perfect, and shared with a bunch of curious kangaroos and I was awake early the next morning to watch the sun come up.

Afternoons waiting for sunset

As with any weekend away, I try to squeeze in as much as possible, so after getting up early to watch the sun come up and eating a quick breakfast I headed into town. I went for a walk through Lawson Park by the river and did some homewares shopping at the many stores on Market St.

I love checking out local cafes and Mudgee has plenty of them!

Over the weekend I managed to visit Alby & Esther’s (tucked down an arched alley with a super cute courtyard) for coffee and a jaffle, Elton’s for late lunch on Saturday, Althea by Zin for a delicious danish (get their early if you don’t want to miss out) and Butcher Shop Café for Sunday breakfast. I sampled honey at Mudgee Honey Haven and did wine tastings at Gooree Cellar & Pantry and Lowe Family Wine Co. Finally, on Sunday morning before heading home, I did a cannoli-making workshop at The Little Cooking School with Tamara – lots of laughs and lots of cannoli to take home!

Mudgee had been on my list of places to visit for a long time, and it didn’t disappoint. It's one of the best tiny house weekends I’ve had and I'll definitely be keen to visit again.

Ultimately, Tiny Away provides the perfect option for travellers who want to experience a simple and minimalistic lifestyle, without the fuss of tents and sleeping bags, and an ideal choice for those who crave simplicity, affordability and sustainability on their travels.

Tiny house at night with stars and the Milky Way above


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